Biodegradable Vegan Dental Floss Clew


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made using candelilla wax
  • With added mint essential oils
  • Keeps your mouth healthy
  • Detoxifies the mouth and stimulate your gums
  • Prevents cavities, gingivitis
  • Gives your mouth a beautiful naturally whitened smile


Nylon Free – Plastic Free- Vegan – Cruelty-Free

These 30m biodegradable corn straw floss clews are made using candelilla wax. Mint essential oils are added for a fresh taste.

Using this floss as part of your daily routine will help enhance blood circulation, detoxify the mouth and stimulate your gums – all to help prevent cavities, gingivitis and of course give your mouth a beautiful naturally whitened smile.

Corn straw isn’t harmful to your gums and gently massages them. It also protects against gingivitis & bad breath, pulling out toxins and odour’s, and with regular use will help to remove staining between the teeth.


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