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Biodegradable Glitter Gift Set



  • 2x 6g Tins of Biodegradable Glitter (made from Non-GMO eucalyptus trees)
  • 1 Glitter Brush
  • 1 Glitter Beauty Balm
  • Cotton drawstring bag


There is no such thing as .. enough glitter! This set is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to leave a little bit of sparkle everywhere they go but not plastic. It includes two tins of biodegradable glitter, glitter brush, glitter balm and a super cute cotton bag so you could keep all your glitter necessities in one place.

Why should you chose biodegradable glitter over the regular one? Because glitter is essentially just tiny bits of pretty plastic and as you know, plastic takes centuries to decompose and it can’t be recycled. Glitter is classified as ‘micro plastic’ and that’s the worst type of plastic that you can find… The size of micro plastics allows them to be ingested by the tiniest of organisms, and this is posing huge problems for marine life and consequently, us.

Biodegradable glitter is made from plant cellulose, is vegan, not tested on animals and is biodegradable in natural environments.




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