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Slow living by Rhyme & Ribbons

1.As a slow living advocate – can you tell us a little bit more about your regular day? How do you manage to practice slow living in a faced-paced world?

Since I work freelance, no two days ever look exactly the same. But I try to give myself time every morning to sit with a coffee and read or just be with my thoughts. And I also try to always take a lunch break and set all work aside. Preferably, lunch coupled with a walk outside.

2. What was your biggest challenge when you first started living a more sustainable life? Or maybe there still are some challenges you are trying to overcome and how?

I’ve cut down so much on single-use plastic but there are still some things that I haven’t able to find good plastic-free swaps for. For example, I still haven’t found a great solid-shampoo bar that works for my hair yet.

3. You travel a lot! Is it difficult to stay sustainable while travelling? What would be your top three tips for other travellers who care about the environment?

Travelling and staying sustainable can be so tricky! The carbon footprint of flights is enormous so I try to take trains vs driving or flying whenever possible. I make sure to try to always take my water bottle with me so that I can just fill it up instead of buying water and when abroad I like to try to buy and shop as locally as possible.

4. What is your most recent favourite ethical discovery? 

I’m loving all the clothing from Organic Basics, at the moment. The clothing is GOTS certified organic, there’s transparency in the manufacturing process and all the packaging is recyclable.

5. What are your main sources for learning about ethical and sustainable lifestyle? Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Reading other blogs are my main resources. Especially A Considered Life, Jessica Rose Williams, Ethical Elephant, and the Mamalina blog.

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