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Ethical Living by Coco Tiekle

Do you agree that our planet earth needs more people who are doing the best they can rather than one person who is doing it perfectly? We are big believers in changing the world one little step at a time and Coco Tiekle is the perfect example of that. When she first decided to start living more sustainably, she wasn’t in a hurry to through away everything from her home that contained plastic but rather replaced each item gradually, once it was finished or worn off. 

Coco has a unique lifestyle and juggles many different projects at the same time so we were interested to find out how does she stay grounded and mindful throughout her day. Keep reading if you are interested to find out more about COCO and also get inspired by her example of how to start your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

1. Coco, you are a blogger, a DJ and also a yoga teacher. Tell us more about your regular day. How do you manage to stay grounded while doing so much?

A regular day for me ALWAYS starts off with a quiet coffee or matcha in bed. Sometimes with my hubby if he hasn’t jetted off to work yet. It’s definitely one of the ways that I find a moment of calm throughout my day. I try to find at least one or two more moments like this throughout the day, whether it be just sitting in the sun in my hammock outside, giving my cat a cuddle. I am lucky enough to be doing work that I truly love, so switching off for me means doing it just for the love of it! That might mean playing around with some new music or heading to a new yoga studio or class for purely my own interests and not research or prep for an event or class! Most days I spend the mornings doing admin and laptop time – answering emails, reaching out to studios and brands or writing. Lunchtime I always try to teach yoga or get my butt to a class for my own practice! Then the afternoon is spent on music and preparing set lists and ideas or preparing a new yoga sequence.

2. What was the biggest challenge you’ve encountered when started living more sustainably? How did you overcome it? Or maybe you didn’t?

I’m an all or nothing kind of girl – but that can lead to frustration and giving up/in quickly and the same thing happened when I began to live more sustainably – I wanted to do it ALL right this second. But sometimes that’s not realistic, so I’ve realised that making small changes add up! Perhaps it’s switching to a reusable coffee cup and reusable water bottle, perhaps it’s buying bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic, or replacing your dish brushes with wooden ones or buying eco products instead. I found that replacing things as I ran out or wore them out with sustainable options has been the best way.

3. What is your most recent favourite sustainable discovery and why? 

I’ve been looking for a replacement for zip-lock bags for snacks and the like, so I have these silicone ones on my wishlist! I also recently came across the brand Mate The Label who create the softest, most delicious looking organic tees and tops! They use both sustainable and ethical practices, so I’m keen to stock up on them soon!

4. What five items would you never leave your house without?

  1. Reusable water bottle! ALWAYS. I drink so much water and invested in a Berkey water filter for home in 2017, so I always have cold filtered water with me.
  2. My net bag for picking up groceries/bits and bobs.
  3. My phone. I never use cash anymore and always use Apple Pay! Plus I write down ideas in notes, use Shazam when I hear a cool track and Instagram to connect!
  4. A multi-use balm. I’m forever with chapped lips and dry hands due to the London cold.
  5. Essential oils and roll-ons. Whether it’s to use at the end of a yoga class on my students in savasana or to just insert a moment of calm on the tube, I’m never without some kind of smell to help me or others unwind.

5. Where do you get your inspiration from or who would you call your ‘role models’? 

I don’t have any role models per se, but I am inspired by so many people! Both from afar online and ‘in real life’. Bloggers – I love Emma Hoareau. I just think her photography and work is beautiful. It’s like art. I also love Caroline Groth, who lives back in my home town, Sydney. She really just has a beautiful soul and is so insightful and honest about her own struggles whilst inspiring others. I adore Stevie from #yayforearth. I’ve learnt a lot from her about sustainable living and think she is just damn cool! One person who deserves a little shout out and has become a good friend is Hannah Paradise, who runs OyoGO in London, an outdoor yoga company here. Hannah is not only an amazing yoga teacher in her own right and runs OyoGO, but is the biggest go-getter who is genuinely supportive of others and constantly inspires me to go after new and exciting opportunities!


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